WAVECOM W-SPECTRA  Brochure about 7 MB

W-SPECTRA is a complete automatic monitoring system running through the entire radio spectrum from ELF to SHF. It provides all monitoring functions such as direct control of the receiver, signal classification, analysis and decoding, wideband IQ signal recording and capturing results into a database.

Together with a spectral editing tool (W-SPEED), it can cut out any signals in frequency and time domains from a recording for further processing.

W-SPECTRA provides:

. Comprehensive real-time monitoring functions
. Intuitive graphical user interface: main operation tab covers all online monitoring activities
. Built-in bi-directional control of receivers (WiNRADiO G3xDDC)
. Three monitoring modes: Direct Mode,Memory Scan and Frequency Search
. More than 220 mode decoders and protocols over ELF to SHF as in Wavecom standard decoders, e.g., W-CODE
. Automatic demodulation and decoding to the content level of known signals
. Automatic search, classification and code check of signals over a user-defined frequency range and search strategy
. Automatic or manual capturing of results into a database
. Classification and decoding results can be saved to files
. User configurable database template
. Database in XML format, providing easy processing by third-party applications
. Integrity check of database
. Wideband (2 MHz) and narrowband (96 kHz) FFT and sonagram display
. Wideband and narrowband IQ signal recording and playback
. On-the-fly signal recording with various important side information (meta-data) such as receiver frequency, sampling rate(bandwidth) and timestamp for complete investigation of the whole spectrum
. Recording in the versatile PXGF format, which allows changes of recording bandwidth and receiver (Rx) frequency

W-SPECTRA Main Features and Facts — I

Run more than 220 decoders manually or automatically

More details: please open PDF-file.


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4-January-2017 — W-SPECTRA V2.0.0 with Wavecom Receiver 

Release of our Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System W-SPECTRA V2.0.0.

The new W-SPECTRA runs with the native Wavecom receiver W-PCIe as a complete system.
It does not require a third-party receiving device anymore.
This version contains significant performance improvement and a more intuitive user interface.

For details please refer to the brochure W-SPECTRA and the Application Note.
Helpful information in the Product Summary is:

  • W-SPECTRA-WB-SYS: Complete monitoring system, including the Wavecom W-PCIe receiver and the wideband classifier.W-SPECTRA-WB-SYS click to enlarge
  • W-SPECTRA-WB: Complete monitoring system with wideband classifier. Software only. Receiving device not included.

Authorized Wavecom users can request the Products DVD with the new release now

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