Are Wavecom products (hardware and software) secure against cyber attacks?
Absolutely. All our products are cyber-hardened and run without an internet connection. Our software products run under an offline license dongle, i.e., it works on any isolated systems without network connections. Our hardware products run with a built-in key in the hardware itself.

March 2019
Quantum-Leap Release W-CODE Version 10 with New Spectrum Analysis Tool (W-SA)
W-CODE Version 10 can be regarded as a "quantum-leap" release. This version includes mainly a new spectrum analysis and signal detection tool — W-Spectrum Analysis (SA).

Main features of this analysis tool are:

  • Detect and measure all signals in a selected bandwidth (4k, 24k, 48k and 96kHz).
  • Measuring parameters are signal center (Hz), bandwidth (Hz), level (dB) and detection confidence (in percent).
  • Each signal can be detected in detail containing a number of sub-signals with their parameters.
  • Available in FFT and FFT/Sonagram displays for all radio bands (HF, VUHF and SAT).
  • Detected signals and their sub-signals are marked with their parameters in the display.
  • All results are delivered on the XML remote control interface (XML RCI) for third-party development.
  • Detected signals can be saved with their time-stamp as an XML file for database compatible display and analysis.
  • This is a licensed option and is available to W-SPECTRA as well.

Other features in this release are:

  • Substantial improvement of TETRAPOL, using the optimal soft ML decoding for data and voice frames. Enhance the voice quality to get comfortably audible output.
  • Significant improvement of the equalizer in CODAN-9001 (Codan compatibility mode). Improvement of QAM decoding in MIL-188-110B and CODAN-3212.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

W-PCIe-LAN MK2 (black series)
W-PCI-LAN MK2   (black series)

All Wavecom decoders and applications run under WIN-10.