NEWS: March 2018

WLV Live voice monitoring option
Vocoder live voice monitoring on the speaker.
Option for W-CODE, W74PC, W-PCIe, W-PCI and W-SPECTRA

WAVECOM released the TETRAPOL voice decoding in the decoder series W-CODE, W74PC and W-PCI/e V9.3.0 and the spectrum monitoring product W-SPECTRA V3.0.0.
TETRAPOL voice will be decoded to audible voice to the speaker for live monitoring purpose. Each voice session will be saved at the same time to a wav file and the original voice frames in bits are saved to a txt file. This feature is helpful for offline decryption analysis when the voice frames are encrypted.
Other features in this release V9.3.0 are: 
 - New decoder: CODAN-CHIRP.
 - CODAN-9001 extended with CODAN-3212 compatibility mode.
 - Phase plane available for CODAN-9001.
 - TETRAPOL overall decoding significantly improved, using the optimal soft decoding. 

W-PCIe-LAN MK2 (black series)
W-PCI-LAN MK2   (black series)

All Wavecom decoders and applications run under WIN-10.